Commercial Upholstery Services in Covington, GA

When businesses in and around Covington, Alcovy, Porterdale, or Oxford, GA require commercial upholstery services, they work with Martin’s Upholstery. With more than three decades of experience, we handle everything from business furniture to dental chairs. To make the process as hassle-free as possible for our clients, we provide free pick-up and delivery.

We’re the premier source for business furniture reupholstery in Newton County, Metro Atlanta, and all surrounding counties. Companies rely on us to restore the furniture they use every day to make their guests, clients or patients as comfortable as possible. Old, poorly maintained furniture coming apart at the seams makes an enterprise seem behind-the-times and unprofessional.

  • Business furniture

    Every organization uses furniture. A few examples of the essential furniture some companies need include restaurant seating, massage tables, retail fixtures, and church pews. Our team of upholstery experts handles all business furniture reupholstery jobs with the highest level of quality and care.

  • Office chairs

    Employees need office chairs to sit comfortably at their desks and complete their work. Hard, uncomfortable office chairs and furniture decrease productivity and employee morale. Reupholstering office chairs demonstrates that you care about your staff and value their contributions.

  • Exam tables

    Every clinic and medical office contains exam tables. Worn, cracked exam tables make your medical practice seem outdated and poorly maintained. Reupholstering these tables puts patients at ease during their examinations.

  • Dental chairs

    Patients are anxious enough during their dental appointments. They don’t want to sit in an uncomfortable chair during their exam, too. We’ll pick-up your dental chairs on a Friday, reupholster them over the weekend, and deliver them in time to open your practice on Monday.

Free Pick-Up and Delivery

Not only do we offer top-quality commercial upholstery services, we also handle pick-up and delivery for businesses in and around Covington, GA. We’ll schedule pick-up and delivery based on what works best for you. Most projects require a two-week turnaround time, but we can complete specific commercial reupholstery jobs over a weekend.

Renew Your Business’ Furniture

Don’t let rundown furniture detract from your business’ image and reputation. Call Martin’s Upholstery today at 770-985-4526 for commercial or residential upholstery services.

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